Who We Serve

Since 1979, DELTA Ministries International has sent over 10,000 individuals from hundreds of church teams to 100 countries and 30 U.S. States.  A countless number of individuals have been served and affected on the mission field as these teams deploy to spread the Gospel and accomplish mission service.  In addition, numerous on-field missionaries, churches and field locations have been impacted.  Here are some specific benefits to those impacted by DELTA’s services:

A. Individual Team Members become more aware of and implement improved spiritual disciplines (going, giving, and praying), develop increased faith in God and become more obedient Believers.  Individuals more clearly hear God’s calling for their life and become more active in ministry.  Team members also learn self-discipline, self-responsibility, leadership, concern for others, communications skills, work ethics, how to deal with stress and how to deal with cultural differences.  In addition, each participant’s life is positively affected for eternity as they sustain a missions focus beyond the short-term experience with effective follow-through;

B. Churches,Christian Schools and Partner Agencies are equipped by DELTA Coaches/Consultants to train and send mission teams on their own.  They send well prepared teams who are culturally sensitive and present Christ in a way that is relevant to the host culture.  Churches, Christian Schools and Partner Agencies also receive back returning members who are more outgoing and self-assured concerning their Christian faith and who are far more willing to take leadership roles.  Churches become active participants in the Great Commission as missions is moved out of the committee and into the lives of people, resulting in a contagious mission’s mindset in each church congregation.  In addition, churches establish a strategic, on-going partnership with a mission field;

C. Ministries and Missions to whom teams are sent are encouraged by the teams who are specifically trained and sent to help them.  In addition, many things are accomplished for which the missionary or leader would normally not have time for.  In most cases, each participant becomes fervent and loyal prayer warriors on behalf of the host missionary and the host ministry and the host ministry often times receives a gracious increase in financial support;

D. Mission Organizations receive dedicated missionary trainees who have experienced cross-cultural and outreach involvement and who realize the sacrifices long-term missionaries and nationals make.  Often the participant returns to the field for further short-term work and in some cases, the participant joins the host ministry or some other ministry as a career worker;

E. The people directly served by team members attest to the blessing and encouragement DELTA teams have been.  Many hear the Gospel and receive Christ for the first time or hear the Gospel in a more understandable way, some receive material help through construction projects, while some are encouraged just knowing someone cares.  In all cases, these recipients experience the heart and love of Christ reflected through team members.


To mobilize means to put into movement. DELTA puts individuals, churches, schools and partners into movement to accomplish The Great Commission. This movement is from a home, pew, or seat to a field location around the world. Since 1979, DELTA has put 10,000 individuals and over 1,000 churches, schools and ministries into 100 countries and 30 US states.

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A coach is one who instructs or trains. DELTA provides churches, partner ministries, schools, team leaders, and host missionaries a personal coach that comes alongside to train and guide them on both general missions and short-term mission endeavors. A DELTA coach will meet face-to-face, by phone, video or email to equip for excellence.

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A resource is a source of supply or support. DELTA provides resources such as curriculum, webinars, tools, digital downloads, articles, blogs, referrals and more. All of these resources have been developed by experienced and skilled short-term and general mission practitioners.

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