Brian Heerwagen

Brian  Heerwagen

Chief Executive Officer/Short-Term Mission Coach

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1400 NE 136th Avenue, Suite 201 Vancouver, WA 98684

I serve as the Chief Executive Officer for DELTA Ministries. My first short-term mission (STM) ever was on a DELTA team in 1980. I continued to go on short-term teams each year. In 1985 I was hired as the director at DELTA. At that time, I was a student at the University of Oregon in the School of Architecture. Though I don't do much with design or building buildings, much of what I learned about strategies, organization and people have helped in my leadership at DELTA.


I have been to mission fields in 26 countries and have led or been on countless short-term teams. One of the highlights, for me, was taking Jesus to an unreached people group in the Andes Mountains of northern Argentina. Another highlight would be partnership with churches in southern Italy and participating in evangelistic ministries where we've seen so many come to Christ. And I'd have to say an added highlight would be all the missionaries that I've gotten to know over the years - I have some great friends around the world!

My wife, Lorraine and I first met on a DELTA team in 1984. We were on a short-term ministry in Guadalajara, Mexico for an entire summer. We went back to Guadalajara again in 1985 for the whole summer. In October 1985, I proposed and in April 1986, we were married. Since then, we've continued in ministry together in our local church and on various short-term missions in the U.S. and around the world.

God has blessed us with three amazing kids: Lindsey, Lorie and Lacie.  A good place to find our family is in the outdoors. We love to go camping, and we love to travel. Our home is known as "Grand Central Station" since there are people coming and going from there all year long (and at just about any hour). So, being who God wants us to be is the central focus in our home. From our relationship with God flows many, many great friendships with other people. We really do aim to live life abundantly and God continues to bless our family through terrific people and amazing experiences!

Since I've been with DELTA, it's safe to say that some of my sources for motivation have changed over the years but, through all of my involvement with this ministry, one unchanging and primary motive for my ministry with DELTA is seeing people transformed from the inside out. The DELTA Mission Statement sums it up really well: "The mission of DELTA Ministries International is to be the catalyst for the local church in shaping the character of individuals for the purpose of long-term personal change and world impact."  By affecting people at the heart-level and by dealing with Biblical principles that effect our character, motives and our relationship with Christ, we continue to see people transformed. The kind of "transformed" that leads to long-term life change. One that effects other people, too!

I serve at DELTA because our strong and practical Biblical view has a tremendous impact in my life and in the lives of my family, our staff and the thousands of others that God brings our way.


To mobilize means to put into movement. DELTA puts individuals, churches, schools and partners into movement to accomplish The Great Commission. This movement is from a home, pew, or seat to a field location around the world. Since 1979, DELTA has put 10,000 individuals and over 1,000 churches, schools and ministries into 100 countries and 30 US states.

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A coach is one who instructs or trains. DELTA provides churches, partner ministries, schools, team leaders, and host missionaries a personal coach that comes alongside to train and guide them on both general missions and short-term mission endeavors. A DELTA coach will meet face-to-face, by phone, video or email to equip for excellence.

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A resource is a source of supply or support. DELTA provides resources such as curriculum, webinars, tools, digital downloads, articles, blogs, referrals and more. All of these resources have been developed by experienced and skilled short-term and general mission practitioners.

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