In the summer of 1992 Darla Green left Ogden, Utah, to travel with DELTA to Hong Kong. She was involved in English conversation groups with youth and housewives.

Because she enjoyed this experience so much, that fall she got a job in the English as a Second Language program at her local university, Weber State. That year she met and befriended many international students. Realizing that the great majority of them did not understand Christianity, she invited them to her church, Washington Heights Baptist, for a series of events. This led to the formation of an international student ministry that continues to this day.

The church's involvement with internationals led to a reenergized missions program. This included a special focus on Japan, since most of the students were from that country. Over time this focus led to several missions trips to Japan. Also trips have been added to Guatemala and Honduras.

Darla herself earned an MA in Missions (with ESL certification) at Wheaton and later went to Japan on a second Short-Term trip in the summer of 1998. While there she met a Japanese man, Nao Tanaka, who was leading a Christian music ministry. They were married in Darla's home church in 1999 and lived and served in Tokyo with WorldVenture as full-tim missionaries.

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